Hemlington Linx youth organisation produces over £2 million in social value.

Hemlington Linx youth project based in Middlesbrough has recently done research that shows it is able to generate £2 million in social value from the £360,000 income invested in the organisation through commissioning and grant funds in 2019.

Overall, it demonstrated that Linx produces £5.50 social value for every £1 invested in the organisation. The social-return-on-investment analysis looked at the outcomes for young people such as increased self-confidence, improved physical and mental health, reductions in crime and anti-social behaviour, improved job prospects and better engagement in schooling. Jeanette Walker, Chairperson has stated “This will be very useful and explanatory for our future funding bids and demonstrates how effective Linx is and its value in social terms and monetary”.

The research involved feedback from young people and key stakeholders to show the real impact of the organisation on the lives of young people. The partner feedback data shows that Linx is highly valued, with 83.3% of respondents stating its open access youth provision was “very important” and overall there was 90% satisfaction with Linx’s core services. Sharon Barker, Middlesbrough Borough Council said “You have developed a 360-degree approach…one-to-one, detached work and youth clubs…it works really well”. Whilst Mark Ballinger, a Community Police Officer said “Your impact is massive, you can’t underestimate it. The reduction in anti-social behaviour is an unbelievable result. It means we can put our resources elsewhere”.

The research also suggests there is strong evidence that Linx is highly valued by young people. Their feedback comments suggested “If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know where I’d be now”, also “I used to be bad, but now I’d like to be a Youth Worker, so I can help others” and “They always listen to us, help us and make sure we’re safe”. The overall satisfaction rate from young people was 91.7%.

The research draws upon the data from the 2018 Middlesbrough’s Children and Young People Needs Assessment and takes into account the issues of poverty, social exclusion and low sense of self-worth. It measures the impact of its work within the context two in five of those unemployed are aged 16-24; the youth re-offending rates higher than the national average;  youth admissions to hospital for mental health, self-harm, alcohol specific conditions and substance misuse are also higher than the national average; and Middlesbrough currently has a very high rate of permanent school exclusions.

The social-return-on-investment report reveals that Linx is making a real impact through securing change for young people and providing social impact for wider society. In 2019, Linx worked with 964 individual young people ages 10-19, delivered 220 youth work sessions, 710 hours of detached work, 184 hours of one-to-one support and overall contributed 7,420 staff hours dedicated to quality youth work across Middlesbrough. The conclusions of the independent analysis are that Linx is a really valued and has the capacity to generate social value from income and is an organisation worth investing in. Sara Mirsalehi, Operational manager stated “This is a great piece of work that will assist Linx with sustaining future funds and services”.

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For further information or photos please contact email Sara Mirsalehi, Operational Manager sara@hemlingtonlinx.org