Hello and welcome to another one of Linx’s monthly newsletters!

This month’s newsletter is informing you all on our changes to delivery with Covid-19 restrictions easing and to share with you our successes over the month.

Samantha Green

Firstly, we would like to say a big welcome to Samantha Green for joining the Linx team as our Administrator. Samantha is originally from Redcar and now lives in Guisborough, with her husband, their 3 sons and 2 dogs, she said “I come from an administrative and accounting background, and have worked in many different industries over the years including housing associations, the motor trade, an energy supplier and several secondary schools. I love working with data and spreadsheets, and I need to learn something new every day keeps me on my toes. In the past I’ve often moved around in jobs to fit with my children’s schedules, but now I’m looking to put down roots and grow within a role and an organisation, I feel that Linx is the place for me to do just that. I’m excited for my future with Linx.”

Photography Project

Linx staff have been working on a photography project called ‘life in and out of lockdown’. This project aims to focus on photos taken by young people and families that depicts how their experience of life in and out of lockdown has been.

The end goal is that we hope to hold a pop-up gallery that will be available for the public to attend and see the photos young people have produced. To move forward with this project, we took a small group of young people who are interested in photography to the South Gare, in Redcar, with some local amateur photographers and take photos and get tips and experience within photography.

10 very talented young people joined our youth workers for an interesting and educational afternoon learning about a variety of photography concepts including composition, exposure, and depth of field. We hope this will further inspire our young people to continue learning about the art of photography. The local photographers offered a vast range of invaluable advice and guidance to our young people, and really made the trip a worthwhile experience for all involved.

Watch this space for future information about our project.

Summer Programme

It is with great pleasure we announce that Linx Youth Project has been granted the holiday activity fund 2021, by Middlesbrough Council to continue the great work we do every year during the 6 weeks holiday. Staff have been working very hard to put plans in place for it to be a successful and enjoyable 6-week holiday. After the year we have had due to the covid pandemic, young people deserve something to look forward to.

Linx will deliver an open access youth club session across each day of the week within six different Middlesbrough wards to engage with 10 to 16-year-olds. The sessions will include enrichment activities for the young people to learn and improve their skills within a range of different subjects. This may include, arts and crafts, team-building exercises, music classes, dancing, cooking/baking, and playing sports. Organised community walks to improve mental wellbeing and give young people a sense of pride within their local community.

We have also arranged 2 trips to local theme parks to help young people reintegrate into a social setting where through covid lockdowns they were socially isolated, these trips will help their mental wellbeing, improve their social skills, meet new people, and boost their mood.

Involvement with litter picks in local areas where we regularly engage with young people to help improve their surroundings.

Please email or call Linx for more information if you would like to get involved.

Stewart Park Picnic

The first activity which Linx organised as part of the Summer Programme was a picnic in Stewart Park. We had our young people and families join us for a bit of fun and food in the sun! The turnout was fantastic, and we even had new youths join us after seeing our Summer Programme advertisement. The feedback from the families and young people that joined us were that they wish we could organise more of those activities as they really enjoyed it and got them out of the house and into a new area, meeting new people and getting in touch with nature.

Gardening Project

A group of young people have come to Linx throughout July to get involved as young climate action change ambassadors, they will be involved with improving the green space around Hemlington Recreation Centre Courtyard and Linx’s allotment over the summer holidays. The young people are eager to grow their own fruit and vegetables so they can harvest and cook with them. This will be a great opportunity for these young people to see their hard work paying off from start to finish so they appreciate the effort that goes into the food many people take for granted. We aim to educate them around food sustainability and the skills they need to improve nature, wildlife and the climate. Already they have been picking their strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, lettuce, spinach, chives, leeks, onions, basil, rocket, and miniature carrots! Working alongside other allotment tenants, we have seen a fantastic increase in community spirit with adults and young people working together to create a beautiful space.


Breckon hill centre has been awarded funding to take young people on a residential, in partnership with Linx youth project we will be organising 2 residential trips, 1 boy’s group and 1 girls’ group to tackle social isolation from the ethnic minority young people living in the Newport area.

Staff will be organising the 2-day, 1-night residential trip for young people. The trip will be designed to give young people a view on different aspects of life, also to tackle issues such as cultural diversity, isolation, ASB, Bullying whilst.

This will also be a great opportunity for young people to experience outdoor activities such as Motorsports, Climbing, High ropes, fencing, nightline, 3G swings, jungle vines, Jacob’s ladder, and many other team building activities. This opportunity will give young people experience and leeway to be involved in something different to the ordinary day to day life in a rural environment and should give young people skills which they can use in the future.


Evolve Sports Academy in Middlesbrough is an alternative education sports coaching programme. Using sport as their foundation, EVOLVE deliver qualifications in BTEC Sport and Functional Skills to secondary school students who may have been excluded from school or at risk of exclusion from school. As well as delivering the academic qualifications, Evolve prioritise in developing young people’s skills that will hep them in many aspect of their lives. Evolve state that their aim is to create an environment where young people are able to achieve their full potential. Linx priorities align closely with Evolves, with Evolve Director Michael Snaith stating “I have always believed that sometimes young people just need an opportunity, a focus, and for someone to believe in them. I hope that our foundation can make a difference and inspire young people to achieve their potential.”

Alongside their educational programmes, Evolve Sports Academy also run occasional free sporting sessions for young people in Middlesbrough. Most recently, Evolve have been working alongside us at Linx in Grove Hill. Evolve have been facilitating boxercise sessions and football outdoors in the courts opposite Grove Hill Community Centre. Linx are in the Grove Hill area every Wednesday evening 4-6 on detached, so it has been great to find an outdoor base and invite young people to come join us for sporting sessions. Linx will continue to be in Grove Hill on Wednesday evenings.

To our valued young people, families, communities, and business partners, at this time, we would be interested in any feedback or comments that you would have in relation to our service delivery during lockdown and for future delivery.

Please stay safe and if there is anything we can support with then don’t hesitate to contact our team who would be happy to help.