Hello and welcome to another one of Linx’s monthly newsletters!

This month’s newsletter is informing you all on our changes to delivery with Covid-19 restrictions easing and to share with you our successes over the month.

Reopening of Youth Clubs!

This month, we have been thrilled to open the doors of our youth clubs for the first time in a very long time and it has been so fulfilling to be able to do what we, as youth workers, do best!

Throughout lockdown we have been restricted with the way we can engage with young people, and although we had so much fun doing the online sessions, it has been extremely difficult. Now, rather than advising young people to return home and stay within the safety of their bubbles, we can invite them into a fun and safe place to socialise and feel connected again.

Our current centre based youth clubs are in Newport Hub, The Beacon – Coulby Newham, and Breckon Hill Community Centre. We really were not expecting the response we have had as we have had young people queueing outside the door each week! Our young people have been eager to get involved in a range of projects and activities, while adhering to our risk assessment and government guidelines. For a lot of our young people, youth clubs would be a big part of their lives. Some of the feedback from our young people was that they were just happy to have the human interaction and to be able to meet new people without worrying too much.

Yes, Covid-19 is currently preventing staff and young people from engaging with their full potential but we are doing our best to keep our young people safe by following the rules from the government and having fun at the same time. Each week, young people engage in activities such as arts and crafts, PlayStation, sporting activities, dancing, learn how to play an instrument, cooking, 1-2-1 support, and any issue-based work.

We are also still running outdoor sport sessions, or project work, in Hemlington, Grove Hill and Ayresome. These sessions are still just as popular and we continuously aim to provide as much of a youth club setting within these sessions just without the walls around us! Staff are working hard to have centres open for youth sessions in these areas soon.

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Key Awards 2019

Key Awards 2019

Photo from 2018

The Key 

The Key is a North East based charity which aims to ‘create a world were all young people are inspired to believe in themselves and achieve their full potential’. The Key is all about helping young people to take responsibility for something that matters to them by using simple yet effective framework to ‘ignite their passions and practically develop their skills for real world success’.

The process involves working with small groups of young people, aged 11-25, and supporting them in thinking, planning, doing, and evaluating their own projects. The group come together to develop and present their ideas to a panel, who decide if they should be granted £250 for the activity. Whether this be a trip to Jump 360 with the obligatory McDonald’s afterwards of course, a day out ice-skating, bowling, or even a social action project benefitting the community, the options are endless and are all young person led. Once Stage 1 is complete, the group can go on to stage 2 where they can plan a bigger project for £500, Stage 3 is £1000 and Stage 4 is worth £2500 for a Social Action Project.

The Key framework is embedded throughout and can be scored through a Key Skills Wheel where young people can rate themselves. Often, young people start the process not knowing what is meant by something that may seem simple to you and I, such as ‘Negotiating’, one of the Key Skills. Yet throughout the project the young people may face challenges, one friend may want to dine at KFC, yet the other wants Burger Kin, very easily a middle ground is met as the group communicate between themselves and the young people are overjoyed to learn that they have ‘negotiated’.

Linx Youth Project have worked with The Key for several years in different areas of Middlesbrough in our youth clubs and Secondary Schools, with one group getting all the way to Stage 4 and using the funds to organise a Winter Wonderland event, hiring an Ice Rink and a Grotto. Even Santa himself attended!

Since 2017, the Key groups that Linx have worked with have been granted a whopping combined total of £12,750! We think that this is amazing and will continue working with The Key to help Middlesbrough’s young people achieve their potential. Our current Key Group in Grove Hill has only just begun, be sure to check our Social Media to see the progress that the group are making each week.



Mental Health Awareness Week

This year, nature was the theme for Mental Health Awareness week with the aim to inspire more people to connect with nature in new ways, noticing the impact that this connection can have for their mental health.

Linx’s Climate Action Middlesbrough teamed up with HeadStart to deliver a meaningful session for our young people to connect with nature and reflect on their own mental health. We met a group of 9 young people and took them on a nature trail in Fairy Dell Park in Coulby Newham. Using the Huntee app, where you look for checkpoints under a timer around local areas, it felt like an adventure going from checkpoint to checkpoint while working as a team. Along the way, the group would identify natural items in their surroundings which boosts their mood, one young person said they like the feeling of being free, another said they like the vibrant colours in the flowers as it makes them smile.

Although the weather meant we had to finish early and run for cover, everybody had fun, understood the benefits of outdoor activities for positive emotional wellbeing, connected with nature, exercised, had a moment to reflect, and built new relationships within staff, nature, and each other. The group really enjoyed the session and said they would like to do it again and even show their family around the trail.

Photography Project

Linx staff have been working on a photography project called ‘life in and out of lockdown’. This project aims to focus on photos taken by young people and families that depicts how their experience of life in and out of lockdown has been. These pictures are solely to offer a perspective, and this can be from anything from activities at home during lockdown to your daily 1hr exercise, it’s entirely down to individual experience and interpretation.

The end goal is that we hope to hold a pop-up gallery that will be available for the public to attend and see the photos young people send in. On top of that, with enough interest, we would like to start small group workshops with young people who are interested in photography to go out with some amateur photographers and take photos and get tips and experience within photography.

If you are wanting to submit your photo’s please send them to our Facebook page and if you are interested in taking part in the photography workshop please do not hesitate to contact us.


To our valued young people, families, communities and business partners, at this time, we would be interested in any feedback or comments that you would have in relation to our service delivery during lockdown and for future delivery.

Please stay safe and if there is anything we can support with then don’t hesitate to contact our team who would be happy to help.

Linx staff are working very hard in-line with the current roadmap & easing of the restriction out of lockdown, so watch the space as we are reintroducing our popular youth provisions in the coming weeks.

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