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Mission Statement

“Providing high quality services and opportunities that enable children and young people living in Hemlington and surrounding areas to achieve their full potential, develop a sense of belonging and improve their life chances.”

About Us

Linx is a well-established and dynamic voluntary sector youth organisation which is creative and able to think outside of the box. It is proud of and passionate about its youth work and strives to provide the best possible service to the young people of Middlesbrough.

Linx has substantial experience and expertise. Our staff, volunteers and Trustees live and work locally, and whilst they understand the complex social and economic challenges that face young people and families, they recognise that they have dreams, aspirations and are brimming with potential.

Linx is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) registered with the Charity Commission. Charity number 1208024.

Linx runs open access youth clubs Monday – Friday across different wards in Middlesbrough for young people aged 10-19 (and up to 25 for those with Special Educational Needs).

Our youth clubs provide a place for young people to socialise, meet with their friends and make new friends. Our youth work staff are committed to providing quality youth work and facilitating young people’s learning and social participation through a range of fun and engaging activities. These include sessions focused on emotional and physical health development, healthy eating choices and cultural awareness. All our activities empower our young people and enable them to make good choices in their daily lives and future’s.

We also provide a great place to relax and have fun; offering young people the chance to get involved in arts and crafts activities, cooking and baking, gaming with friends and taking part in team games such as table tennis, pool and football.

Linx also works in partnership with other local stakeholders to provide other activities for young people, including day trips to the beach and local green spaces, theme parks such as Flamingo Land and outdoor learning residentials.


In 1993, Hemlington Residents’ Association members realised there was nothing for young people in Hemlington. They were concerned about increasing crime rates and anti-social behaviour, so they decided to start a Youth Project. Using funding acquired through Safer Cities, they created a grass roots youth club on the Hemlington Estate in Middlesbrough. Thus, Linx was born.

More than thirty years later, we have guided and supported several generations of children and young people away from harm and towards more positive futures. Linx Youth Project is proud to be one of the most professional, experienced, and accomplished youth support providers in the North-East. 

Not only are we skilled in providing first class open access youth services, but we are also experienced in delivering detached youth work, critical support schemes, bespoke activity programmes and supervised activities during school holiday periods. We can create preventative as well as diversionary programmes that target the needs and circumstances of the most vulnerable and troubled young people.


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