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Youth Clubs – open access services for ages 10-19

Linx delivers open access youth clubs in different parts of Middlesbrough every evening during the week. We also provide a range of services including 1-2-1 support, detached sessions and family support. We generally work with young people ages 10-19. See our Facebook page for latest news and updates.

Our activities include arts and crafts, sports and recreation, baking and cooking, watching a film, issue-based work including workshops on mental health and wellbeing, alcohol and drugs awareness, sexual health, quiting smoking, internet risks and safety, animal care and welfare and any other topic relevant to young people.

Youth Voice

Young people always get to have a say about what we do, and how we do it. Our youth club sessions are used to get young people’s input on what is working, what they enjoy most and what they want in future sessions. Whenever we plan activities and projects, such as residentials and trips, we always make sure you are involved in the planning, design and evaluation of our work. At Linx young people’s voices always count.

Linx has also established a Youth Forum, a group of young people who meet regularly to discuss future activities and trips, and deal with things that they face. It a great way for you to get involved in issues affecting you, speak up for other more vulnerable young people, join campaigns and get your voice heard.

Youth club sessions
Our open access youth clubs enable young people to drop-in, relax and chill during the evening, it’s your time out of school with your friends, or a chance to make new friends. Sessions include fun activities such as gaming on the PS4 and XBox, e.g. playing FIFA. You can have fun with karaoke, playing music or a game of pool. See our Facebook page for latest news and updates.

At our youth centres you can get the chance to do cooking and baking sessions, learn some news skills, try different foods and learn how to keep yourself healthy. We also get a lot of food donated to share with young people, and have an established relationship with our local Greggs shop, where we receive pasties and cakes at the end of the day and these are available for you and all those attending of our youth clubs.

Other activities: We also works manage and deliver different projects during the year, including work in schools, street based projects, as well as arts and community education work with young people across Middlesbrough. Examples of these include designing and delivering projects for patients at local hospitals and care homes, painting local parks, transforming church gardens and much more. See our Facebook page for latest news and updates.

Linx Youth Programme and opening times 

Currently Linx runs youth clubs in the following areas:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Outdoor Sport Session in Hemlington, 10-19 years, 4-6pm, Hemlington Park, Cass House Road, TS8 9QW Coulby Newham Youth Club, 10-19 years, 5-7pm, The Beacon, Langdon Square, TS8 0TF Grove Hill Outdoor Session, 10-19 years, 4-6pm, The Courts, Bishopton Road, TS4 2DS

Breckon Hill Youth Club, 10-19 years, 6-8pm, Breckon Hill Community Centre, TS4 2DS

Newport Youth Club, 10-19 years, 6-8pm, Newport Hub, St Pauls Road, Middlesbrough, TS1 5NQ Ayresome Youth Club, 10-19 years, 6-8pm, Trinity Methodist Church, Stainsby Road, TS5 4JS

Linx also works with young people across Middlesbrough to organise and partake in social action projects across the town which will benefit the community. Examples of these include creating and delivering packages to patients at local hospitals and care homes, painting local parks, transforming church gardens and much more.

Families support – dealing with issues and concerns at home

Linx supports young people and their families within local communities building positive relationships and signposting them to relevant services where necessary.

Linx provides a holistic approach when working with young people and believes that in order to do so, where possible families are encouraged to be involved.

Detached work – street based and outreach programmes

Linx runs detached sessions across different wards in Middlesbrough.

Detached sessions involve staff engaging with young people on the streets, ensuring their safety and participating in street games.

The team are out regularly, if you see us come and say Hi!

1-2-1 Work – information, support and guidance

Linx offers information and guidance on a range of issues to help and support for young people. These can  include topics such as: mental health and anxiety,  alcohol and drug misuse, quitting smoking, healthy eating and sexual health. Staff are able to work 1-2-1 with you or you can get involved in our tailor-made youth programmes working with schools, colleges and training providers. See our Facebook page for latest news and updates.

Work and issues covered by our team of youth workers and mentors include:

  • Smoking Support: Advice about the risks of smoking and the effects it has on the body. Information on how to cut down and support to successfully stop smoking.
  • Alcohol Use: Awareness of the issues surrounding alcohol use; the effects on the body and the societal implications. Support to cut down on or stop drinking alcohol, and the guidance to use alcohol safely and legally. Participation in national campaigns such as Dry January, encouraging everyone in the community to reduce alcohol consumption.
  • Drug Use: Awareness of the effects of drug use and misuse and the issues surrounding drug addiction. Information on the risks of new psychoactive substances, including ‘legal’ highs. Support to decrease and cease drug use.
  • Healthy Lifestyles: Guidance for young people to enable them to make healthier choices in their lives. Exercise and fitness sessions to introduce young people to new activities and provide opportunities for participation in sports; cooking sessions to teach young people healthy recipes, how to make healthier choices in their daily diet and basic cooking skills to encourage self-reliance.
  • Sexual Health: Awareness of methods of contraception available, consent and safe non-coercive relationships, STI advice and testing, pregnancy testing, support surrounding pregnancy and positive STI results. Linx also run Interactive Baby Courses, using realistic virtual baby dolls to teach young people about the demands of parenthood.

Issue based work in youth clubs

Within youth club sessions we provide support, information and guidance for young people on many aspects of their life around a variety of topics: alcohol and drug misuse, smoking, healthy eating and sexual health.

Qualified and trained staff

We are qualified youth workers, highly skilled and trained to deal with a number of social and emotional issues affecting young people. We are able to work 1-2-1 with the young person, dealing with issues such as stress, anxiety, school difficulties, job seeking, homelessness, drugs and alcohol, bereavement, benefits and welfare matters, family problems and much much more …

If you know a young person in needs, or would like to refer yourself for support our referral form is available to download here

Find out more about Linx and how to get involved see our Facebook page for latest news and updates.

NEET support – jobs, training, benefits, volunteering

Linx offers information, guidance, help and support for young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET). We aim to support you to find the right job, training, apprenticeship, college or school. Staff are experienced in working with young people who are at risk of becoming NEET, for example, young people who are thinking about dropping out or leaving school or college. We can support you if you are having difficulites with school, or if you have been place on a fixed term or permanent exclusion from your school. We can help you negotiate with your Headteacher, of school governors. We can also deals with issues at your work or training placement, including if you think you are at risk of losing their job. Staff can provide confidential 1-2-1 support for all these issues tailored to your individual needs.

We have many years of dealing with matters including help with finding and applying for jobs or dealing with benefits, help you to write a CV, offer information on local training, colleges or schools, as well as jobs-searching. We will listen to your needs, offer support and mentor you if you need it. We can support you  to attend appointments and interviews, including practising your interview skills. We can help you find the right type of apprenticeship or training place. We are a great place to come if you need to access computers for your independent job search, CV-writing and research.

Find out more about Linx and how to get involved see our Facebook page for latest news and updates.

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